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Red here -

Just wanted to take a sec' to tell you how startin' as the luckiest cow poke in Fort Peck, Montana led to me fixin' up some of the greatest casinos in Montana! It all started way back in my early years, lendin' my feet (if you didn't already know – rabbit's feet are pretty darn lucky - and I got four!) out to my fellow cowboys for good luck in their “by the fire” poker matches. Seems these here rabbit feet were accountin' for a whole lot of winning. Now, I didn't mind helping my fellow pokes out there on the trail, but I got to thinkin' that I might head into town and see how my luck faired there.

Hitchin’ a ride on the last tumble weed out of town, I let the wind take me around this big ol' state. I landed in Hardin, Montana where the folks treated me awful nice. Spent some time castin’ my rod down by the Big Horn River and walked those battle fields where Custer’s days ended. Darn pretty country! I had so much fun there, I decided to set up shop and start my own casino. And dang if this little rabbit’s feet didn't work their magic, it's the luckiest casino around!

I was having the time of my life when I met a fella from Park City who stopped in and said that his town was a rancher’s delight, but nowhere as fun as my place to entertain those hard workin' folks at night. When that travelin' bug bit me again, and when my tumbleweed caught back up with me I just knew I'd have to hop on over to check it out. Dang, if that fella wasn't tellin' the truth. It only made sense to rest for a spell and make sure that these folks had a great place to unwind, and before you knew it, my newest casino was the best in town! Heck, with luck like mine, these folks win all the time!

As much as I wanted to stay, I just couldn't mend my ramblin' ways, so I decided to keep heading West and to make sure that Red was a name was one that folks would never forget.

Belgrade, Montana was the next stop for me. Those Mountains, those rivers, those miles and miles of trees, and the great locals made stoppin’ easy. I set up shop right next to the highway to catch all those folks traveling down the Gallatin to my favorite park, Yellowstone! I love those travelers and long-haul drivers, but those folks in Belgrade are what made me want to stay and spread a little of my winning luck around. Wouldn't you know it some dang fool was callin' hissself  "Red", so I when I opened up my place I called it "B&H" (for bunnies and hares, don't ya know) to avoid confusion. Same great times and big wins as the rest of my joints!

  And that's the end of the trail for now. I don't know when that old tumbleweed is goin' to roll up next and gett my travel bug a bitin', but when it does I'll be sure to let you know! So join us some time at one of my great places, and tell 'em Red sent ya!