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Red's Corner

Red here -

Well, I’ve been around the casino game a while and have picked up a trick or two on how to WIN big on these games. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

Plenty of Penguins Polar Progressive– New Game!!

How Penguins Play – There are two types of Penguins in the “Plenty of Penguin’s” game:

  • Regular Penguins– Five of these regular penguins are distributed on the Keno grid at the beginning of each draw.
  • Bonus Penguins– one to three Bonus Penguins are distributed on the Keno grid along with the five regular penguins, during the extra penguin draw feature The number of penguins you may receive is based on your bet. So see the table below to maximize your chance of a Bonus Penguin!

55 cents to $1.00 bet = 1 extra penguin

$1.05 to $1.50 bet = 2 extra penguins

$1.55 to $2.00 bet = 3 extra penguins

These cute Penguins play a role in the many different features within “Plenty of Penguins” including:

Standard Game Play, Extra Penguin Draw, Penguin Bet Multiplier, Polar Progressive, Happy Penguin Bonus, Ice Fish’n Bonus, Penguins Caribbean Vacation, and Lets do that Win one more time!

  • Standard Game Play- This is a standard Keno game using an 80 spot card. Players may bet cash or credits in denomination of 5 cents or 25 cents, with a maximum bet of $2.00 and a maximum win of $800.00. The player selects from three to ten of the numbered spots on the card.
  • Extra Penguin Draw Feature– The extra Penguin draw feature is a randomly triggered Bonus Event that combines “Extra Bonus Penguins” with “Regular Penguins”. The number of Bonus Penguins awarded is based on the players bet. This feature can occur at anytime during regular game play. Once triggered, you will play with the same number of bonus penguins that were awarded at the beginning of the feature, for a specified number of games from two to four based on the number of player selected spots.
  • Penguin Multipliers– These are active at any bet level, they act as multipliers for your bet when combined with a win during normal game play (When only five penguins are displayed, during the extra penguin draw feature, and when up to 3 additional penguins are distributed on the Keno grid with the other 5 regular penguins.
  • Polar Progressive– The Polar Progressive is attainable during regular game play, polar night games and the extra penguin draw feature. The Progressive is only available with a bet of 50.cents and above. The progressive amount is determined by the number of spots you have chosen to play (From 3 – 10) and is displayed on the upper screens center progressive meter. The progressive is triggered by hitting 5 or more penguins (of any kind) with the Playline win.
  • Happy Penguin Bonus– You can win the Happy Penguin Bonus at any time during any phase of game play by hitting 5 or more penguins, of any kind, with out a win. The bonus is a cash award amount shown in the Happy Penguin Bonus icon and is awarded on the player’s next win. If more than one Happy Penguin Bonus is triggered they will be banked and awarded on the next consecutive win. Happy Penguin cash award is based on a multiple of your bet.
  • Ice Fish’n Bonus– The Ice Fish’n Bonus is a randomly triggered event that awards paid games and paytable multipliers. Pick either the Bear or Raccoon for your multiplier, then see how many player paid “ Polar Nigh Games”. The Penguins will fish out of the Fish’n hole for you. Player paid games available at : 6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 and the possible Multipliers available are 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, and 8x.
  • Penguins Caribbean Vacation– Is triggered by hitting (4) Penguins with a win in the following: Regular Game Play, Polar Night Games, and the Extra Penguin Draw feature. – The player will receive (15) FREE GAMES awarded @ a 2x multiplied paytable. One additional free game will be awarded every time the free fame penguin symbol is hit.
  • Lets do that win “One more time”– This is a randomly occurring feature that awards the player their previous win “One More Time” as an Instant money value equal to the triggered win!